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Becerra FQHC Consulting

Enriching Communities One Health Center At A Time

About Us

Becerra Works is a dedicated consulting firm specializing in aiding Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) across the U.S. We provide comprehensive services ranging from strategic planning, financial management, regulatory compliance assistance, to staff training and grant writing. Our mission is to help FQHCs improve their operational efficiency, enhance patient care quality, and foster growth within their communities.

Our Services

Deep Expertise: Our team is made up of seasoned professionals with first-hand experience in running community health centers and navigating the intricacies of federal regulations. We understand the unique challenges that FQHCs face and use this knowledge to provide nuanced, tailored solutions.

Our Clients

Meet David Becerra

I started Becerra Works Consulting LLC. in 2016 driven by a passion for community health, a belief that every person deserves access to quality healthcare, irrespective of their circumstances. My heart beats for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) because they are the bedrock of care for our most vulnerable citizens across the United States of America. 

Headshot of David Becerra

What Clients Are Saying

"David Becerra's deep understanding and compassionate approach make Becerra Works an invaluable partner for health centers seeking to enhance operations."

Isabel Becerra
Chief Executive Officer
Coalition of Orange County Community Health Centers

Isabel Becerra.jpg

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Unlock your health center's potential with Becerra Works! Let's dive into your unique challenges and discover tailored, practical solutions that will transform your FQHC's efficiency and impact.

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